Lambrini has some vegan options

Address: Halewood International Limited, The Sovereign Distillery, Wilson Road, Huyton Business Park
Liverpool, L36 6AD
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Products by Lambrini:

Company email (May 2019)
"Unfortunataly, our Lambrini Blanc Fully Sparkling isn't suitable for vegans however our Original Lambrini, Cherry and Strawberry are all suitable for vegetarians and vegans"

Company email (August 2017)
"Always Original Lambrini and the following Very Cherry, Ooh Passionfruit, Hey Blueberry, and So Strawberry are all suitable for vegetarian and vegan. Truly Peach is suitable for vegetarian but not vegan."

Company Email (circa 2011):
"Lambrini original is suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. The other varieties are suitable for neither. We only have one production site and I’m afraid there is no alternative production method in use.:

Company email (circa 2008):
"I have spoken to our production team who have confirmed that we do not use animal derived products in Lambrini, and no fining agents are used either."