Craft Distillers has some vegan options

Address: CA
Phone: (707) 468.7899
Checked by: Benjamin
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Added: over 9 years ago

Products by Craft Distillers:

Note from Benjamin (May 2013):
"After unsuccessfully emailing Craft Distillers, I called them and spoke with the owner, Ansley Coates.
He told me that they absolutely do not do any fining or filtering of their wines prior to distillation. Sadly, he confirmed that Crispin Cain's Absinthe (also sold under the Germain-Robin name) is made from a Mead (which of course is made from honey).

In summary:
- All Germain-Robin brandies (whether cognac-style or apple brandies) are vegan
- Crispin's Rose Liqueur is NOT vegan (because it is made with mead, i.e., honey)
- Germain-Robin Absinthe Superieure (also made by Crispin Cain) is NOT vegan (because it is made with mead, i.e., honey)"