Pusser’s Rum Ltd. is vegan friendly

Address: 2233 Technical Parkway, Suite B
North Charleston, SC, 29406
Phone: 843.569.8687
Fax: 843.569.8689
Email: info@pussersrum.com
URL: http://PussersRum.com
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Company email (February 2013):
"I want to take this opportunity to assure you that Pusser's Rum does not use animal products in its rum production, aging, or bottling. As a vegetarian, I am sensitive to your personal commitment of abstaining from animal products as a vegan. In the production of Pusser's rum, we use only sugar cane molasses. The molasses ferment with the help of yeast and distilled in old oak pot-stills, just as it was done 300 years ago. It is then further aged for a minimum of three years in oak-charred barrels. It is 100% natural. Our rums come from Guyana and Trinidad. The blending
and bottling takes place in just one place, Barbados.

Please list Pusser's Rum in your online directory with full confidence, and feel free to contact me if you have additional questions."