42 Below is unknown

Address: New Zealand
Email: info@42below.com
URL: http://www.42below.com/
Checked by: Roland
Double checked by: Mark
Added: over 11 years ago
Double Checked: almost 2 years ago

Products by 42 Below:

Note from Mark: (August 2021)
" I very much suspect that 42 Below is NOT vegan friendly. Firstly, the reviewer's logic that it is vegan friendly because the maker doesn't understand the difference between vegetarian and vegan is, well, just silly (maybe he meant "not safe"). Secondly, I very much suspect the ethanol they use is sourced from the dairy industry and made using dairy byproducts (though I could be wrong about that). And Lastly their web page has the owner posing with parts of a dead animal on his head, so yeah there's that. "

Note from Roland (December 2012):
"Ok, their response in a Facebook message reply is: "Our product is vegetarian and kosher, oh and we test the product on humans not animals."
So by vegetarian, I'm pretty sure they're not familiar with using the term vegan friendly, which I would deduce makes this a safe drink."