Pernod Ricard USA, LLC has some vegan options

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Products by Pernod Ricard USA, LLC:

Pernod Ricard is no longer a major funder of bullfighting:

Company email (January 2018)
"...Pernod Ricard Winemakers may use milk, egg, and/or gelatine as processing aids during the winemaking process for some of its wines... Accordingly, some vegetarians/vegans may consider them unsuitable for consumption."

Company email (July 2017)
"Pour répondre à votre question, le Soho ne contient pas d’ingrédients d’origine animale, et aucun n’est utilisé dans sa fabrication."

[Google translation: "To answer your question, the Soho does not contain ingredients of animal origin, and none is used in its manufacture."]

Company email (May 2012):
"None of our wines are vegan…they are typically filtered and fined by egg whites or a gelatin."