Bacardi Global Brands has some vegan options

Address: 28 Dorset Square
London, NW1 6QG
Checked by: Megan
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Products by Bacardi Global Brands:

Company email: (September 2022)
"As per your request, please be advised that most of our Bacardi rums including the Bacardi Party Drinks do not contain any animal-by products or ingredients. The exception being BACARDI Spiced which does contain honey."

Company email (August 2022) re: Oxley
"Oxley is Produced by Oxley and owned by Bacardi. Oxley Gin is a Cold Infused Gin made with 14 Natural Botanicals. Our Gin is free of all major allergens and animal by-product. "

Company email (January 2020)
"Suite à votre demande, je vous confirme qu’Eristoff Red (je laisse en anglais car cela provient d’une etude):
Does not contain any ingredient of animal origin (mammalian, poultry, fish, crustacean, mollusc)
Does not contain any animal products derivatives (dairy, eggs and bee products)
Is not manufactured using processing aids containing animal-based substances
"Therefore, the product complies with the requirements set for vegetarian/vegan foodstuff."

Company email (January 2019)
"The Breezer flavors you mention contain the following:

Pear: E102 and E129
Mango: E102, E110"

[vegan friendly according to]

Company email (September 2017) re: Cazadores
"As per your request, please be advised that CAZADORES does not contain any animal-by products or ingredients."

Company email (April 2017) re Eristoff vodka

"La vodka Eristoff est une vodka 100% pur grain issue d'une triple distillation. Il n'y a donc aucun ingrédient d'origine animale utilisé dans sa fabrication."

[Google translation: "Eristoff vodka is a 100% pure grain vodka from a triple distillation. There is therefore no ingredient of animal origin used in its manufacture."]

Company email (November 2016) re: Breezer colourings
"Bacardi Breezer Tropical Watermelon
E 123, E 129, E 150D , E 202, E 212, E 330, E 331, E 445, E 444

Bacardi Breezer Lime
E 102, E 133, E 202, E 212, E 330, E 331

Bacardi Breezer Tropical Pineapple
E 102, E 150, E 202, E 212, E 330, E 331"

[From Pauline: "I've checked them and they're all vegan."]

Company email (October 2016) re: Breezers
"I have checked with our quality and production teams and they assure me Bacardi Breezers are vegan (process, ingredients, and colorings)...We use the following FD&C colors, all of such are designated as vegan. The rest of the recipe is proprietary information. But assured vegan, as well.

Sunset Yellow (E110)
Tartrazine (E102)
Brilliant Blue (E133)
Ponceau 4R (E124)
Quinoline Yellow (E104)
Carmoisine (E122)
Allura Red (E129)
Caramel 065"

Company email (circa 2014):
As per your request, please be advised that our Bacardi rums do not contain any animal-by products or ingredients.

[Specifically regarding Bacardi Silver]:

Bacardi Silver malt beverages contain the finest ingredients, including malt, hops, select cereal grains, and yeast. Similar to beer, these beverages are fully fermented and then aged; however they undergo special clarification to provide a clear product. Unique flavors are then added to produce a light, crisp, refreshing malt beverage.

We don't use animal derived ingredients in any of our products, nor as lubricant in the process equipment for making the beverages or packaging material. None of the individual ingredients contain any animal products, including the malt you mentioned in your e-mail.

One last question, just to make sure, does the clarification process involve isinglass? Yes I know I'm probably annoying, but I have to go through these type of things being a strict vegan.

It’s great to hear from you again. And as I mentioned in the previous e-mail, we’re always happy to answer questions or take comments from friends.

To specifically address your question, the clarification process of Bacardi Silver malt beverages does not involve isinglass or any other animal byproducts.