Three Olives Vodka is vegan friendly

Address: Jersey City, NJ
Checked by: Bianca
Double checked by: Sarah
Added: over 14 years ago
Double Checked: about 8 years ago

Products by Three Olives Vodka:

From their Facebook page (August 2013):
"Three Olives Vodka is nut free, lactose free, and vegan, and has been processed to remove gluten."

Company email (August 2013):
"Three Olives is distilled in the UK. It’s made from wheat that is quadruple distilled in England. Natural flavors are added in the USA, and Three Olives is bottled there as well. All the flavors are vegan and bone char is not used in the refining process."

NOTE: sold to Proximo in 2007, still vegan friendly though:

Company email:
Thank you for your support on our product! There are no animal products or bone char used to filter the product or any animal ingredients used in the product itself.