Mūrbūdu Cider has some vegan options

Address: Ergeme, Valka county,
Phone: +371 26 463 261
Email: murbudu@nenormalssidrs.lv
URL: www.nenormalssidrs.lv
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Products by Mūrbūdu Cider:

Company email (November 2023)
"We have used casein in the past (several years ago), however we do not use it any more, as we are advertising as vegan friendly and gluten free.

We do not use any animal derivatives, no gelatin or other animal based clarifying agents.

The only cider which has honey, is our seasonal "saulgriežu sidrs", or "modsommers cider", which is produced once a year as a limited release in June. (You cas see it under our ciders section, under "seasonal ciders")

All other ciders are 100% vegan."