Cidres McKeown has some vegan options

Address: 30 Chemin Marieville
Rougemont, Quebec, J0L 1M0
Phone: (450) 469-0808
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Products by Cidres McKeown:

Company email (July 2018)

"Yes, our Strawberry Rhubarb is also vegan. It’s not clarified and unfiltered. It’s a limited series that we produce once a year during the strawberry and rhubarb season in early July."

Company email (April 2018)

"We do use gelatin for certain products. We also have 2 products that are completely natural without sulphites or fining agents. Our Bone Dry and Bone Dry Ginger are simply fermented apple juice and fermented apple juice and fresh ginger. They are filtered and canned. Nothing else added."