Spyglass Ridge Winery is vegan friendly

Address: 105 Carroll Rd
Sunbury, Pennsylvania, 17801
Phone: 570-286-9911
Email: http://www.spyglassridgewinery.com/
URL: http://www.spyglassridgewinery.com/
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Products by Spyglass Ridge Winery:

Company email (November 2016)

"...we use no animal products in our processing. We allow our wines to naturally clarify with aging and use zero fining agents. We feel fining agents strip wines of flavor compounds. We pick our grapes in the fall and we put them through primary fermentation then we rack the wines into another tank 2 month's later. Then our wines age in the tank and cold stabilize naturally through the winter and then we rack again in April. At that point red wines and some whites are racked into barrels for additional aging. The rest of the wines are bottled for sale. During the bottling process we use a .45 micron paper filter to polish the wine. That's it. Everything we sell is sold and manufactured at our winery. We have our own vineyards and contract with other local growers. We only use locally grown fruit from Dries Orchards and Kiwi Korners both 5 miles away in our fruit wines and hard cider. Kiwi Korners is actually certified organic. We pride ourselves in the products that we use. We have many Vegans that enjoy our product and our stage manager for all of our concerts is a strict Vegan and drinks only our wine. His sound company is OHM sound and shares our wines with his vegan friends. So drink up and enjoy."