Cornish Orchards Limited is vegan friendly

Address: Westnorth Manor farm
Duloe, Liskeard, Cornwall, PL14 4PW
Phone: 01503 269007
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Added: almost 14 years ago
Double Checked: about 13 years ago

Products by Cornish Orchards Limited:

Company email:
"All our products are suitable for vegans. None of them contain clearing agents which are derived from animal products nor are any used in the processing system. All our products are made on our premises.
Regarding ginger beer, we do not produce Crabbie’s but make our own called Beaumont’s Ginger Beer which is proving very popular"

Company email:
"To the best of my knowledge we don't put 'bits of animals' into our ginger beer unless Roger knows differently!
Crabbies probably use a 'filtration assister' which is a powder/liquid that can be added during manufacture. The FA attract other particles present in the product, yeast etc and makes them heavier so causing them to drop to bottom of the tank after couple of days. The powder used can be from marine life or it could come from gelatine derived from abattoir by products (depending on what you need to filter out) There is an element of + and ve electrons that comes into play that for some reason I've never felt the need to understand!"