Brook Farm Cider & Perry is vegan friendly

Address: Brook Farm
Wigmore, Herefordshire, HR6 9UJ
Phone: 01568 770562
Checked by: Sid
Double checked by: Bones
Added: about 12 years ago
Double Checked: over 11 years ago

Products by Brook Farm Cider & Perry:

Company Email:
"The only contents of my ciders and perries is naturally fermented apple/pear juice and sugar. Filtration is done with a plate filter. The label states that they contain sulphites (a legal requirement) as I use those to keep the barrels clean. At the last test no trace could be found in the finished product.
I am a very small producer and do not have any global aspirations!"

Company Email:
"You will be pleased to know that all of my products are vegan friendly. Filtration (bottled products only ) is done by filter sheets and nothing is added to the naturally fermented juice except sugar. There is a logo on the bottles stating that the product may contain sulphites, but this level has so far been untraceable by the EHO's but I have to include it, just in case. Hope this is of help,"