Little Creatures Brewing has some vegan options

Address: 40 Mews Road
Fremantle, Western Australia, 6160
Phone: 08-9338-8500
Fax: 08-9331-4087
Checked by: Gerry
Double checked by: Bruce, Jodie, Candace, George, Bob, Tim, Adam, Shane, Adam,
Added: almost 18 years ago
Double Checked: about 1 year ago

Products by Little Creatures Brewing:

NOTE: Furphy sponsors the Melbourne Cup, a horse racing event.

Company email (May 2023)
"Just confirming how Apple Cider Pipsqueak is vegan.
I have gone into an indepth investigation amongst all the brewers and can confirm our recipe is vegan"

Company email (January 2022)
"Our radiator hot choc stout is completely vegan as are all our other beers. The only one from our range that wouldn't be is the Pipsqueak apple cider. Unfortunately though we have sold out of Radiator and are not looking to produce anymore of it. "

Shane notes that the web page for Coconut Banger a(, retrieved December 2020) states that it contains lactose.

Company email (April 2020)
"Our standard range of beers is produced without fish, eggs or animal products and is consequently vegan. That includes XPA.

"Please be aware that our Pipsqueak cider is not vegan, however."

Bob notes (June 2018)
"I just spoke to the manager of Little Creatures, (Fremantle Western Australia) and he confirmed that all of their products are now vegan. They used to use isinglass for their cider but no longer! Yay! "

Company email (March 2017) re: Furphy
"Furphy is only brewed at the Little Creatures Geelong Brewery from 100% Victorian ingredients and there are no animal ingredients or products used at any point of the brewing process or for the filtration of the beer."

Company email (July 2014):
"The only Ingredients we use in our beers are
Water (potable water)
Hops (bittering agent, can be in the form of pellets or liquid)
Malted Barley (Types used: pale malt, roasted malt, crystal malt)
Sugar (liquid in some brews)
Yeast (the fermenting agent) - not strictly a raw material-but we refer to it as the fermenting agent

The Food standards code requires all food producers including alcoholic beverage makers to list on the label any potentially allergenic agents such as finings agents derived from milk, fish or egg products. These are commonly used in the wine industry. We cannot speak for other brewers, but Lion do not use any of these materials in our beer production. If we, or any other brewer were to use them then we would be required to note this on the label.

As from 1 January 2003 all LNA products are brewed and packaged without the use of any animal products. Isinglass was used until December 2002 and now no longer used. The apple juice in Ted Cider is the only one that has traces of milk. It has been in contact with Caseinate, a milk derived product used for fining (clarifying) the juice early in the process before we receive it. So this may rule it out of being suitable for vegans."

Note from Jodie (March 2014):
"I was told by a manage at the Geelong Little Creatures Brewery that all of their beers were filtered through crushed fish bones and said that they were not vegan products."

Company email (circa 2010)
"Bruce spoke with reception who told him that they use isinglass in the cider product “Pipsqueak.”

Company email (circa 2007)
"The brewmaster says "Our beers don't have any animal products in them - we don't use Isinglass finings at all."