Terrapin Beer Company has some vegan options

Address: 265 Newton Bridge Road
Athens, GA, 30607
Phone: (706) 549-3377
URL: http://terrapinbeer.com
Checked by: Laura
Double checked by: Scott, Jordan, Molly
Added: over 16 years ago
Double Checked: over 1 year ago

Products by Terrapin Beer Company:

Company email (July 2021)"
"Our Luau Krunkles does not contain any animal products or use any animal products during its production.
That being said, we do NOT claim that it is vegan (nor do we any of our beers) for various reasons, such as some people arguing that yeast is not vegan."

Company email (August 2011):

"The beers that are not vegan are:Sunray, Gamma Ray, Moo-Hoo, Honey, Milk Sugar."

Note from Scott: Jan 2010
"They are not fully vegan, as Terrapin Sunray uses honey. http://www.terrapinbeer.com/beers/50-Sunray-Wheat-Beer"

Company Email:
You are in safe hands with Terrapin. As you obviously know, a lot of breweries use isinglass or other aids to make their beer "drop clear". This is done instead of the pasteurization or filtration that the big brewers use.
Terrapin actually uses a centrifuge to remove the yeast from our beer. Nothing is added. In simplistic terms, we just spin it real fast causing the yeast to fall out.
Hope this helps.
John Cochran"