Greene King Brewing is NOT vegan friendly

Address: Westgate Brewery
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 1QT
Phone: +44 (0) 1284 763222
Checked by: Brian
Double checked by: Andrew, Jay, Jaime
Added: about 15 years ago
Double Checked: over 1 year ago

Products by Greene King Brewing:

Company email (February 2023)
"We still use isinglass in all our beers although are looking to remove it from some bottles, can and keg beers. Trials are currently being carried out.

For Cask ales isinglass is the best material currently for clarifying the beers and there is no plans for changing that at the moment."

Company email (August 2017)
"Currently, we do not have any plans to stop using isinglass in our beers..."

Company Email (circa 2010):
"We do use isinglass in all our beers as do almost all brewers and wine producers - from a bottle point of view these are then all filtered out, an from a cask ale point of view these remain in the cask after serve."

Company Email (circa 2009):

"I can confirm that there are no animal derived Ingredients in our beers including IPA.

We do however use Isinglass Finings as a Process Aid to clarify our beers. In the case of bottles and cans the sediment including the isinglass is removed and the beers are subsequently filtered. There is therefore no likelihood of measurable amounts of the isinglass remaining. With cask beer the isinglass is added in cask and the beer is sedimented in the pub cellar. The sediment remains at the bottom of the cask and the clarified beer is served. There is therefore a possibility of trace amounts of isinglass being in the beer.

We do not recommend our beers to either vegans or vegetarians because of the use of isinglass as a clarifying aid but leave the decision whether to drink them up to the individual. "

Note from Brian
"Old Speckled Hen & Tanner's Jack say they're brewed at Morland brewery which is actually just part of Greene king, as well as Wexford Irish Creme Ale which is brewed by Greene King but really not even listed on their website."