Miller Heritage Vineyard and Winery is vegan friendly

Address: 32025 Minnesota Highway 15
Kimball, Minnesota, 55353-2514
Phone: 320-398-2081
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Company email (January 2017)

"Anyways, about your question, yes I believe my cider would be considered vegan. I'm not vegan, so I suppose I cannot speak to the technical finer points of vegansim, but no animal based anything would ever have been in contact with my cider. The only question would be if vegans consider yeast an animal product, since cell structure is actually closer to animal than plant. I don't believe so, otherwise you wouldn't be emailing me. I also suspect you likely wouldn't consume beer, cider, or wine on a regular basis.

"As far as fining agents... I don't use fining agents on my cider. BTW, if you ever try my wine, the reds I don't use any fining agents either. The whites, I use bentonite. It's basically clay."