Tyranena Brewing has some vegan options

Address: 1025 Owen Street PO Box 736
Lake Mills, WI, 53551
Phone: 920-648-8699
Email: http://www.tyranena.com/contactus/contactus.htm
URL: http://www.tyranena.com/
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Products by Tyranena Brewing:

Company email:
Our beers do not use animal ingredients with the exception of Three Beaches Honey Blonde which contains honey."
We do not currently use animal products in the processing or filtration of our beer.
These statements do not meant to convey that we will never use such products in particular beers. If we choose to produce a milk stout we will be using lactose as an ingredient. If we choose to produce some cask-conditioned beers we will likely be fining with a product like isinglass. We have no immediate plans for either."