George Killian's Irish Red is vegan friendly

Address: UniBev Ltd
Phone: 1-877-GK-IRISH
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Products by George Killian's Irish Red:

Company email (June 2013):
"There are no ingredients or processing used that would keep Killian's Irish Red from being vegan-friendly. To answer the second part of your question, everything sold in the U.S. is manufactured here - so you don't need to worry about a different processing system being used."
Q: "Great thanks! Does the same go for your Stout?"
A: "yes - the same goes for Irish Stout."

Coors chooses the finest natural ingredients to brew its beers; no chemical additives or preservatives are used.

The most widely recognized among these ingredients is the water. The crystal-clear water emerges from 40 underground springs.

Barley, the most important solid ingredient, gives beer its color and basic body and flavor. It is grown by approximately 900 contract farmers in the mountain valleys of Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.

Hops give our beer its distinctive flavor and aroma. Coors uses a combination of aromatic and bitter hops grown in Germany, France, and New Zealand. We also use domestic hops grown in Washington, Idaho and Oregon.

Extract, derived from corn, is the last ingredient in our beer. It is the food for yeast to grow.

There are no animal ingredients in our products and we do not use isinglass or gelatin to filter our products.