AleWerks Brewing Company has some vegan options

Address: 197-A Ewell Rd.
Williamsburg, VA, 23188
Phone: 757 220 3670
Fax: 757 220 3671
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Added: about 6 years ago
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Products by AleWerks Brewing Company:

Company email (July 2015)

"The only products that we produce that contain animal by-products are the following:

Pumpkin Ale - Lactose
CoffeeHouse Stout - Lactose
Marley's Lament - Honey
Cafe' Royale - Lactose"

Company email (June 2015): (Bitter Valentine)
"Bitter Valentine does not contain any animal by-products whatsoever. The beer is contains only barley malt, hops, & yeast and is filtered through Diatomaceous Earth. We are the only manufacturer of our products."