Naughty Soda has some vegan options

Address: 520 Industrial Dr Suite B-3
Woodstock, GA, 30189
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Products by Naughty Soda:

Company email (March 2015):
"We use Agave Nectar and Cane Sugar to sweeten although we will be using honey in a line of honey n hops sodas.

We caramelize our own sugar for color and flavor and use absolutely no colors other than what each fruit brings by itself.

All of our sodas are made with fresh, all natural ingredients. We use an incredibly small amount of potassium sorbate in our non alcoholic line. Just enough to prevent yeast from turning the sodas alcoholic unintentionally.

The only filtration we use is mechanical ie., paper filter media and that is on the alcoholic line. Cold temperatures and gravity are our primary filters.

Our fruit-based products have a bit of pulp in the bottom as the product settles.

We do not license our products anywhere. We make them all onsite in Wodstock, Ga."