Saint Francis Brewing Company is vegan friendly

Address: 3825 S Kinnickinnic Ave
St. Francis, Wisconsin, 53235
Phone: 414-744-4448
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Products by Saint Francis Brewing Company:

Company email (February 2015):
"The majority of our brewed products are vegan friendly. On an extremely rare occasion, probably 3-4 times in the last six years and over 350 batches of beer, I've used gelatin as a fining agent.
Once in a while, I will brew a non-traditional beer like a chocolate porter with Ambrosia Cocoa and natural hazelnut flavorings. Sometimes our beers will include fruit extracts, herb teas, and other unique flavors, but they will be included in their descriptions. For the most part, I brew with water, hops, barley, wheat and yeast."