Granite City Food and Brewery is NOT vegan friendly

Address: 701 Xenia Ave South, Suite 120
Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55416
Phone: 952.215.0660
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Company email (September 2014)

"Thanks for your interest in Granite City Beer. You asked if we use Isinglass in our beer. We only use Isinglass in our yeast propagation system. Once a Granite City brewery uses one of our yeast starter batches, they then re-use the yeast produced from their fermentation for several generations so only the first batch had a tiny (if any) amount of Isinglass in it.

I'm assuming from your Twitter handle that your are asking in regard to vegetarian issues. I've had this discussion often with vegetarian, beer-loving friends of mine. Here is some interesting numbers about the amount of Isinglass used in our beer:

The percentage of Isinglass used in the yeast propagation is 0.012%. That 0.012% is then added to 465 gallons of wort to produce beer. Then the yeast (along with the Isinglass) settles out and is removed. Are there perhaps molecules of animal protein somewhere in the beer? Perhaps. I would argue that you get more animal protein by sitting in a leather chair.

If you are a vegetarian, I respect your desire to avoid animal products in any amount. If you are okay with the possible microscopic amount that may be in some batches, then just be sure to stick with our lagers. The Ales are not filtered so we use gelatin to settle the yeast. Again, gelatin is used as a catalyst in settling so by definition isn't considered an ingredient as it is removed from the final product."