Furthermore Beer has some vegan options

Address: PO Box 776
Spring Green, WI, 53588
Phone: 608.588.3300
Fax: 608.588.3302
Email: info@furthermorebeer.com
URL: http://furthermorebeer.com/
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Products by Furthermore Beer:

Company email:
"The only brew we use animal products in is our Fallen Apple. We use lactose (the cream in the cream ale, an unfermentable sugar used to balance the tartness of the fermented cider)"

Company email:
"The only beer of ours that has any animal products is the Fallen Apple. It contains a small amount of lactose to round out the tartness of the cider.
No filter aids are used except for a microorganism-derived pectinase to aid in cider pectin breakdown with the Fallen Apple."