Stewart Brewing Ltd. has some vegan options

Address: 26a Dryden Road
Bilston Glen Ind Estate, Loanhead, EH20 9LZ
Phone: +44 (0)131 440 2442
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Products by Stewart Brewing Ltd.:

Company email (July 2021)"
"There are a few exceptions with our Project 7 beers ( limited edition ones) some of them have lactose added. But these will always be stated on the label as Lactose is also an allergen."

Company email (December 2016):
"All our cask beers aren’t vegan friendly. Our bottled, can and keg beers are vegan friendly. All the beers produced in our small kit, The Craft Beer Kitchen, are not vegan friendly. Basically for vegan friendly beers stick to Stewart Brewing bottles, cans and kegs."

Company email (February 2016):
"All of our bottles are vegan. Our cask beer is not. Our keg beer varies, Edinburgh Gold, Hollyrood and Franz lager are not vegan. But all our other keg beer is. However we are soon moving away from finings in keg beer so in the next few months all our keg beer will also be vegan."

Company email(November 2013):
"All our cask products contain isinglass but none of our bottled products do."

Company email (October 2013):
"Our cask and keg products have been fined with a product containing isinglass but this process is missed out when bottling. Therefore our bottles are all vegan but none of our cask and keg are!"