Bavaria (Holland) is vegan friendly

Address: De Stater 1
5737 RV Lieshout
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 499 428111
Checked by: Michele
Double checked by: Richie, Nathan, Demy, Craig, Friso, Company
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Products by Bavaria (Holland):

Company email (February 2020)

"The beers from our Bavaria brewery are vegan and, accordingly, definitely fit in a vegetarian and vegan diet. The entire brewing and filtration process is free of animal products. Due to a recent, substantial technological investment, the use of clarifiers of animal origin has been discontinued since December 2019."

Company email (June 2017)
"Our breweries are fully vegetarian and all our beers fit within a vegetarian diet. Our breweries in Steenhuffel where the beers Palm, Cornet, Steenbrugge, Brugge Tripel, Estaminet and Arthur's Legacy are made, Roeselare where Rodenbach is made, Berkel Enschot where the La Trappe beers are made, Bodegraven with the beers De Molen and the Habesha brewery in Ethiopia are vegan. These breweries don't use any animal products. The brewery in Lieshout, where among others Bavaria and Swinckels' are made, is not vegan. An additive from animal origin is being used during the filtration process. This additive does not end up in the final product, which is why our beers (Bavaria and Swinckels') are vegetarian, but not vegan."

Company email (April 2016) re 0.0% Original:

"Thank you for taking interest in our 0.0% alcohol, unfortunately we do use isinglass in our brewing process. Therefore, until a time when we use another filtration method, all of our beers are not suitable for vegetarians."

Company email (January 2016) re 0.0% Original:
"We use 4 natural ingredients for our 0.0% beer, these are pure mineral water, barley malt, wheat and hops. We do use an animal product to help filter the beer, so whilst none of it is actually in the beer, it is part of the filter aid."

Company email (September 2015):
"Bavaria bier is volledig vegetarisch en past derhalve zonder twijfel in een vegetarisch dieet. Op de vraag of Bavaria ook past in een veganistisch dieet moeten we nee antwoorden. Tijdens het filtratieproces wordt er namelijk gebruik gemaakt van een hulpstof van dierlijke oorsprong. Deze hulpstof blijft niet achter in het eindproduct waardoor ons bier wél vegetarisch, maar niet veganistisch is."

[Google translation: "Bavaria beer is completely vegetarian and therefore fits without doubt in a vegetarian diet. Asked whether Bavaria is also part of a vegan diet, we must answer no. During the filtration process is namely use is made of an excipient of animal origin. This additive does not remain in the finished making our beer indeed vegetarian, but not vegan."]

Company email (September 2014):
"I have been informed that we do use isinglass in our brewing process. Therefore, until a time when we use another filtration method, our beers are not vegan/ vegetarian."

Company email (December 2012):
"Second of all I would like to get back to your question about our beer and if this is Vegan-Friendly. I can tell you that our beer is okay to drink for a vegan, while there are no animal products used during the brewing process. When ever our beer would be brewed anywhere else in the world, we can assure you the brewing process will be the same."