Grain Belt Premium Beer is vegan friendly

Address: August Schell Brewing Company, 1860 Schell Road
New Ulm, MN, 56073
Phone: 800.770.5020
Fax: 507.354.5528
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Email from the company:
"Beer is usually made with only four or five ingredients, unless you use extra flavors (such as in fruit beers, etc.) or artificial coloring. The four ingredients are water, malted grain (barley), hops ( a plant) and yeast. I don't know about the vegan's stand on yeast being an animal, but the yeast is necessary for fermentation and alcohol production.

Another major concern for vegans is the final clarification filtering of the beer. Some breweries use isenglass, which is derived from fish bladders. We do not use this. We use diatomaceous earth (D.E.). This is the skeletal remains of microscopic plants that were deposited on ocean and lake bottoms millions of years ago. This product is mined, pulverized and sterilized commercially for use in the brewing industry.