Pizza Port has some vegan options

Address: 571 Carlsbad Village
Carlsbad, California, 92008
Phone: 760-845-7196
Checked by: Amy
Double checked by: Øydis, Company
Added: about 12 years ago
Double Checked: over 5 years ago

Products by Pizza Port:

Company email (January 2019)
"Canned beers:
- No gelatin or isinglass used. Vegan-friendly except where honey is used (California Honey Blonde Ale contains honey)

"Core beers (Grandview Golden Ale, Chronic Amber Ale, Ponto SIPA, Swami’s IPA, Kook DIPA):
- No gelatin or isinglass used for canned or draft versions.

"Beers brewed at our Bressi Ranch location:
- No gelatin or isinglass used.

"Beers brewed at our Solana Beach, Carlsbad Village, San Clemente, or Ocean Beach locations:
- May use gelatin.
- No isinglass used."

Note from Øydis (November 2014):
"none of the canned beers from Pizza Port Brewing are filtered through fish gelatine (isinglass). Confirmed by the head brewer at their brewpub."

Company phone contact (April 2012):
"I got ahold of "Mike" at 760-845-7196, who very helpfully informed me that they do use fining agents such as fish bladder for their yellow and amber ales. Their California Honey Ale contains honey."