Alhambra Cervezas is vegan friendly

Address: Avenida Murcia, nÂș1
Granada, 18012
Phone: (+0034) 958 185 050
Checked by: Manuel
Double checked by: Miguel
Added: over 12 years ago

Products by Alhambra Cervezas:

Company email (February 2012):
Google translation: "In relation to the email you sent us we can indicate that our products do not contain any ingredients of animal origin, and these are also not used in any time of the manufacturing process. In terms of composition, this product contains only water, malt, corn and hops."

Company email (February 2012):
Translation: "All of our beers, including Adlerbrau, are exclusively produced using water, malt of barley, corn, hop and yeast. No animal ingredients are used in any part of the process."