Upland Brewing Company has some vegan options

Address: 350 W. 11th Street
Bloomington, Indiana
Phone: 812-336-BEER
Email: https://www.uplandbeer.com/contact/
URL: https://www.uplandbeer.com/
Checked by: Sarah
Double checked by: Adam, Pavan
Added: almost 17 years ago
Double Checked: about 4 years ago

Products by Upland Brewing Company:

Company email (February 2020)
"All of them are besides Modern Tart, it contains lactose"

Molly notes (January 2020) that an Upland rep confirmed Modern Tart was made with lactose sugar.

Company email (July 2012):
"All Upland beers are vegan friendly, we happily dinosaured the use of isinglass years ago."

Company email:
"Just wanted to let everyone know that all of Upland’s beers are now vegan friendly because we started filtering rather than using isinglass!"

Company email:
"I'm glad to hear you enjoy our beer. I've got good news and bad news in relation to what I call the "vegan" question.

Our Wheat, Weizen, Maibock, Oktoberfest, Winter Warmer, Saison and upcoming Lambic series are all vegan friendly.

However, in order to clarify our Pale, IPA, Porter and Amber it necessitates the use of isinglass because we do not filter our beer. Isinglass is composed of the swim bladders of a specific type of fish, which helps bond to other proteins and settles out during our conditioning phase. No noticeable flavor changes occur with the use of isinglass, and the actual amount that ends up in the bottle and keg is less than one part per billion. That's the best explanation I can give in defense of our use in relation to these four brews affecting a vegan or vegetarian diet. Honestly, ketchup probably contains a similar amount of unintentional insect parts as part of its finished product.

Other clarifying agents that can be used involve either silica gels or plastic based media that are not digestible and not something we choose to use on this basis. If we ever move to filtration, isinglass we most likely become a thing of the past, but many arguments exist for unfiltered beer being the most flavorful and colorful traditionally crafted in the market.

It's a fun subject for me, and I've had several friendly arguments at festivals and bars when this question comes up.

I'm always happy to relay that the Wheat, our biggest seller, is vegan. The main ingredients are solely malt, hops, yeast and water with the addition of organic chamomile, coriander and orange peel."