Fyne Ales has some vegan options

Address: Achadunan
Cairndow, Argyll, PA26 8BJ
Phone: 01499 600120
Email: enquiries@fyneales.com
URL: https://www.fyneales.com/
Checked by: Bones
Double checked by: Rohan, Lindsay, Rory, Phil
Added: almost 13 years ago
Double Checked: about 2 months ago

Products by Fyne Ales:

Company email (February 2024):
"We absolutely offer vegan beers - all of our keg beers, canned beers and our mixtape range are vegan friendly. "

Company Email (December 2021)
"It should be marked on the label as vegan"

Company email (March 2019)
"As a rule of thumb, the Origins beers should be OK for vegans. Any of our core range, small pack or keg (+ cask obviously!) will use isinglas at some point in the process."

Company email (March 2014):
"Isinglas can be used in the bottling process, so we don’t guarantee Vegan friendly (although it isn’t usually). Only beers brewed by us on our kit with our materials are Fyne ales and we Never subcontract brew.
Sorry not to be able to be definitive about this."

Company email:
"Unfortunately we use Isinglass to help clear our beers, so they are not suitable for Vegan’s.
I know there are some breweries who do produce beer suitable for Vegans, and suggest you try Black Isle as I think they may."