Finca Las Moras is NOT vegan friendly

Address: Argentina
Checked by: Sergio
Double checked by: Esteban, Serena
Added: about 4 years ago
Double Checked: 3 months ago

Products by Finca Las Moras:

Serena notes (September 2020)

"I contacted through Instagram the official profile of finca las moras , I asked them if they had any vegan wine and they told me that they use an egg derivated in every single wine filtration."

Esteban notes (August 2020)

"today I have contacted the winery to verify if their products are suitable for vegans and they have answered that they are NOT, since they use derivatives egg for the production of ALL your wines and alcoholic beverages!"

Company email (September 2016)

"Ninguno de nuestros vinos contienen productos de origen animal. Son consumidos sin problemas por veganos."

[Google translation: "None of our wines contain animal products. They are consumed without problems for vegans."]