Bodegas Hijos de Juan Gil is vegan friendly

Address: S.L. - ES B-73229981, 7 Bajo
Portillo de la Glorieta, Jumilla (Murcia), 3052D
Phone: +34 968 435 022
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Added: almost 9 years ago
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Products by Bodegas Hijos de Juan Gil:

Company email (April 2016):
"le comunico que todos los productos elaborados no solo en Bodegas Ateca, en todas las Bodegas del Grupo Gil Family Estates son aptos para el consumo de personas con sensibilidad vegana o vegetariana. No usamos aditivos alimentarios o coadyudantes alimentarios que tenga como origen, derivados o contenido animal."

[Google translation: "I inform you that all products made not only in Bodegas Ateca, in all Bodegas Gil Family Estates Group are suitable for people with eating vegan or vegetarian sensitivity. We do not use food additives or food coadyudantes which originates , or animal -derived content."]

Company email (February 2012):
Translation: "The only component added throughout the process is used for conservation in order to prevent oxidation: SO2 as indicated on the label: Contains sulfites" [Company also answered that they don't use animal products as ingredients or for filtering]