Cline Cellars is vegan friendly

Address: 24737 Arnold Drive/Highway 121
Sonoma, CA, 95476
Phone: 800-546-2070
Checked by: Kristin
Double checked by: Melissa, Suzie, Valerie, Pierre
Added: over 13 years ago
Double Checked: about 4 years ago

Products by Cline Cellars:

Company email (December 2016):
"No animal based products of any kind have been used in making this wine (no egg, whites, isinglass or gelatin fining). It is 100% vegan."

Company email (May 2014):
"Cline Cellars uses no animal-based fining agents in any of our wines at any of our production facilities so they are all vegan friendly."

Company email (March 2013):
"we use no animal products in making Cline wine - in fact we use no fining agents at all when making our red wines and only use bentonite clay in white wines (universally used to protein stabilize white wine)"

Company email (December 2012):
"In response, while we do offer our various product lists, some products in our stores and the selections offered may actually vary somewhat by state and region. The primary reason for this is that we also attempt to source products locally whenever we can, as we also do not ship our products over really long distances. Our lists are also not all-inclusive, and are offered moreso as a guideline of possible product selections.

In response, to your inquiry regarding our possible vegan wine options, we are enclosing a list of possible vegan wine selections below:

Bonterra-Whites are vegan
Castle Rock-All are vegan
Charles Shaw-Reds are vegan *occasionally gelatin is used in the whites' refining processes, but that it is removed from the end product
Cline Cellars-All are vegan
Fetzer-Whites are vegan
Georges Dubeouf-All are vegan
Kendall Jackson-Whites are vegan
Rosenblum Cellars-All are vegan"

Company email:
"Hi Kristin - I do not "fine" the wines using any animal products. We manage the fermentation such that the wines are not overly tannic when produced."