Marqués De Riscal Wine is Vegan Friendly

by Marqués de Riscal
Address: C/ Torrea 1, 01340 Elciego (Álava) [Elciego Winery] and Crtra. Nacional VI, Km. 172,600. 47490 - Rueda (Valladolid) [Rueda Winery]
Phone: 945 60 65 90
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Company email (June 2016):
"We do not use any of the products you mention for the filtering process. Our clarification process is naturally made by means of long barrel ageing (24-26 months) and, once wine is stabilized, it is sent to a plate filter before bottling. Thus, we avoid aggressive filtering that may produce a loss in wine character."

Company email (May 2013):
"Los vinos elaborados por Bodegas Marques de Riscal son elaborados a partir de uvas procedentes de nuestros viñedos y de proveedores de las localidades de Elciego, Navaridas, Leza y Laguardia, principalmente.

Durante el proceso de elaboración no se incorpora ningún tipo de aditivo, excepto sulfitos, con objeto de que no se desarrolle la actividad de microorganismos, que pudieran alterar la calidad de nuestros vinos.

No se emplea ningún otro aditivo, no necesitándose clarificantes ni estabilizantes por los periodos de crianza de nuestros vinos en barrica, realizándose estos procesos de forma natural"

[Google translation] "The wines produced by Bodegas Marques de Riscal are made ​​from grapes from our vineyards and suppliers Elciego localities, Navaridas, Leza and Laguardia, mainly.

During the development process does not incorporate any additives, except sulphites, to not develop the activity of microorganisms, which could alter the quality of our wines.

Does not use any other additives, not needing clarifying and stabilizing for the periods of aging of our wines in barrel, performing these processes naturally"

Company email (October 2011):
"I’m glad to inform you that the Winery Marqués de Riscal doesn’t use for the filtration or clarification of our wines any of the products mentioned in your email.

The clarification is a natural process and we make it by ageing our wines in barrels for a long period of time (between 24 and 26 months). Once the wines are stabilized we make a very simple filtration before bottling them. We try to avoid aggressive filtrations that only may damage the character of our wines."