Frontenac Point Wine is Not Vegan Friendly

by Frontenac Point Vineyard and Estate Winery
Address: 9501 Rte 89
Trumansburg, NY, 14886
Phone: 607-387-9619
Checked by: Sarah
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Added: over 11 years ago

Company email (October 2011):

"This is hard to answer for a winery as small as ours because, depending on how each wine progresses after initial fermentation, some we do fine with egg whites, isinglass and/or gelatin. Other wines, that clear by themselves, we don't fine or filter at all. It all depends on each wine and the vintage. When vegans come here and ask about a specific wine we have on our tasting list at the time they come, we can tell them 'yes' or 'no' relative to that wine. Since our list changes many times a year, as a wine is sold out or a new wine is released, it would take hours to give you a comprehensive list which may be out of date the following week.

Larger wineries can make wine in larger 'batches' so their list of wines available and the process used to make each wine don't change as rapidly.

Answering your last question: We are an estate winery meaning, by federal law, that all of our wines are made only from grapes grown on our property and all wine making is done on our premises."