Florida Orange Groves Wine is Vegan Friendly

by Florida Orange Groves Winery
Address: 1500 Pasadena Ave. South.
St. Petersburg, FL, 33707
Phone: 800-338-7923
Fax: 727-347-1404
Email: http://floridawine.com/contact.htm
URL: http://floridawine.com/
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Added: about 13 years ago

Company Email:
"We use no animal products in the making of our wine. Even our filter pads are bound together with non-animal binders, unlike many that use a gluten/protein base product that can cause reactions in people with wheat allergies. So, the short answer is yes, the wines are vegan friendly. We do not use isinglass, casein, gelatin or egg whites in fining -- just bentonite clay."