UVA Negra wines is Vegan Friendly

by UVA Negra
Address: Ex Ruta 234 S/N Los Olivos
Centenario, Neuquén
Phone: +54 9 2995885041
Email: Dario.Lana@UVANEGRAPatagonia.com.ar
URL: https://www.uvanegrapatagonia.com.ar
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Company email (May 2021)

"I am happy to confirm that in our process of making our wines we DO NOT USE any animal ingredients such as milk/lactose/casein, eggs, cochineal, honey, animal-derived enzymes, etc or are animal products used in the processing/filtration of the product such as isinglass, gelatin.
We are the only producers and we do not have any subsidiaries around the world that can produce our brand."