Marqués de Cáceres Winery is Vegan Friendly

Address: Ctra. de Logroño
s/n. 26350, Cenicero (La Rioja)
Phone: +(34) 941 45 50 64
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Added: over 12 years ago
Double Checked: almost 12 years ago

Company Email from the actual winery:

"It is not the first time we get this question. In fact, it is kind of frequent. You are right during the fining/filtering is when you might get animal products interfering the making process. We do not use any of those. What we use for filtering is bentonite (I hope this is the English word for the substance). Therefore your customer can be certain that if he/she drinks any of our wines, she/he can be a proper vegan."

Company Email from Vineyard Brands who resell this wine:
"Bentonite is a clay, commonly used in filtering wines. So I think you can enjoy your bottle of Crianza without reservation. So far we have not compiled a list of suppliers who don't use any animal products but I will see what I can find out about that."