Chinook Wine is Vegan Friendly

by Chinook Wines
Address: PO Box 387
Prosser, WA, 99350
Phone: 509-786-2725
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Added: almost 15 years ago
Double Checked: about 14 years ago

Company email:
"We at Chinook Wines are aware of concerns regarding animal products in wine, and for that reason NONE of our current wine offerings contains any animal-based fining agents. In fact, the only fining agent used in our current wines is Bentonite (mined Calcium bentonite from Wyoming) which sequesters protein in white wine to keep a haze from forming in the bottle. It is, obviously natural & local.

As a point of interest: my position on a research review committee for WSU wine research has made me aware of some efforts to test vegetable based fining agents for suitability in wine. We look forward to the results, as you might also!"