Peak Organic Brewing Co. is Vegan Friendly

Address: 211 Marginal Way #802
Portland, ME, 04101
Phone: 520-360-8412
Checked by: Ben
Double checked by: Wyatt
Added: about 17 years ago
Double Checked: almost 16 years ago

Yay! Peak Organic has changed their ways!

"Wanted to let you guys know that we found a new fining agent and are no longer using isinglass. So, i believe that we are totally vegan at this point."

Previous responses from the dark ages:

Company email:
Thanks for reaching out! Isinglas is used to fine the beer on racking...this is just a biochemical tool to drop yeast out of suspension and enable filtration. It is not in the final beer.

Additional email:
Because of isinglass used at the facility, we cant
make the vegan claim unfortunately.