Lost Coast Brewery is Vegan Friendly

Address: 617 Fourth St.
Eureka, CA, 95501
Phone: 707-445-4484
Fax: 707-445-4487
Email: lindseyjones@lostcoast.com
URL: http://www.lostcoast.com/
Checked by: Kevin
Double checked by: Cindy, Jason, Roger, Sarah
Added: over 16 years ago
Double Checked: over 11 years ago

Company email (October 2011):

"All our beer is vegan-friendly and brewed solely in Eureka, CA - the heart of Humboldt County. We have been making plans to brew Tangerine Wheat in a separate facility, but if/when that happens it will continue to remain free of animal products."

Company email:

According to our brewers, our beer is vegan. We use no animal products.

Double check:

"We do not use any animal products or bi-products in the processing of Lost Coast Brewery products. Our products are considered vegan."

Triple check!

"[Our] beers do not contain any animal ingredients or use animal products in filtration."

Quad-quad-quadruple check!

"Yes, our beer is vegan. The ingredients include grain, hops, and water. D.E. is used in the filtering process, though not actually put in the beer. D.E., or diatomaceous earth, consists of the cell walls of diatoms. Since they are a marine algae, I assume this is still a vegan product?"