Cour Des Lys Champagnes is Vegan Friendly

by Champagne Cour Des Lys
Address: 8 bis rue Gabriel Voisin
51100 Reims
Phone: 03 68 38 77 47
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Added: over 4 years ago

Company email (December 2019)

"I thought you might want to know first that we are a proud member of the Vegan Society.

"Second: all of our champagne are indeed Vegan.

"But our efforts goes way beyond that. Our Policy at Cour Des Lys is to insure that none of the products (if any) we use or used from the vineyard till the final bottle is Vegan.

"That means that is the vineyard there are no product to treat the vine that have been tested on animals or are from animals. We do not use any clarifying agents or else in the press process either. Everything is done naturally thanks to gravity or with cold.

"It is important for us that we take care and respect the environment as much as possible, therefore guaranteeing respect of the living too."