101 Cider House Ciders is Vegan Friendly

by 101 Cider House
Address: 1700 Naud Street
Los Angeles, California, 90012
Email: info@101cider.com
URL: https://www.101cider.com/
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Added: about 3 years ago

Company email (October 2019)

"...our ciders are completely Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Keto Friendly... Due to our cider making processes, we naturally ferment all of the existing sugar from the fruits in our beverages, leaving no sugar and carbs in our final product. Our cider making processes is entirely fruit based, with no additives whatsoever. We simply put our fruit in the fermentor and let it do it’s thing! All of the natural yeast and bacteria in the fruit eats off the pre-existing sugar, creating our wonderful probiotic, alcoholic beverages!"