Shepherdess Cellars Wines is Vegan Friendly

by Shepherdess Cellars
Address: 8189 Route 89
Interlaken, New York, 14847
Phone: 607-532-3437
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Company email (February 2019)

"There are no animal ingredients that go into our wine. We control the process from the time we receive our fruit from our vineyard suppliers. All processing (crushing, destemming, fermentation, aging, filtering, bottling) is all done on our premises.

"Some chemicals are used (e.g., sulfides (required by law) to kill off the yeast used in fermentation if required and preserve the wine during aging/storage). We also use gas (CO2) to help prevent oxidation.

"The one unknown to me is the how the yeast used in the process is manufactured. We get our yeast from Scott Labs and I don’t know there process.

"As stated above, we control the process from the time we receive the fruit from the vineyards we purchase our fruit from."