Deer Run Wines is Vegan Friendly

by Deer Run Winery
Address: 3772 W Lake Rd
Geneseo, New York, 14454
Phone: (585) 346-0850
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Added: almost 6 years ago
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Company email (July 2020)

"There have been no changes to our production methods or ingredients. No animal products at all."

Company email (July 2018)

"Per our current production methods;

"We do not use isinglass or gelatin for fining, currently we use bentonite, PVPP and misc. tannins (chestnut, gallnut, grape seed and grape skin) for fining and clarification

"We do not use milk or casein products, nor do we use eggs or honey

"We are a boutique or craft winery, producing only 3,500 cases per year at our location only. There are no sub-licensees etc. attached to Deer Run Winery

"All of the above being said, I cannot say for certain that our production methods will remain constant years from now. I have used honey in test batches for clarifying botrytised grape musts and I have also tested casein for reducing bitterness in wines (with unsatisfactory results). In our current production there are no animal products being used but as I have mentioned, in years to come I cannot guarantee the same."