Dolin Vermouth is Vegan Friendly

by Maison Dolin
Address: 1138 avenue du Grand Ariétaz
73094 Chambéry
Phone: 1-612-414-0022
Checked by: Justin
Double checked by: Isaiah, Eric
Added: about 13 years ago
Double Checked: over 3 years ago

Company email (March 2021)

"We can confirm there are no animal products in Dolin vermouths, nor are any used in their production. While they state they can (meaning legally allowed), they don’t. Using animal products in the fining of wine largely disappeared years ago when foot/mouth disease was a problem, and today is too labor intensive and expensive compared to modern (and vegan-friendly) filtration technologies. As we pay closer attention to our full supply chain carbon footprint, the animal products are a huge negative."

Company email (March 2013):
"There are no animal products ised in processing or filtering the product. For Dolin and most producers, those went out the door years ago when there was the mad-cow scare. Who wants the risk of pathogens in their wine? Thanks for asking."

Company email:
"To my knowledge there are no animal products used in its production. Dolin is only made at one facility, in Chambery France - that's required for the Appelation de Origine."