Six Mile Creek Wines is Vegan Friendly

by Six Mile Creek
Address: 1551 Slaterville Rd
Ithaca, New York, 14850
Phone: 607-272-9463
Checked by: Ashley
Double checked by: Tina
Added: over 5 years ago

Company email (August 2018)

Answered "no" to the standard Barnivore questions (which is good)

Company email (June 2018)

"Our wines are vegan. Isinglass and gelatin are used to clarify wines and we do not use either of these products. Our wines are settled naturally over time. The only thing we may use is bentonite (clay). Our filtering process uses cellulose pads. Our bottling is mostly handled here on the property, however some is done at a larger facility but their procedure is the same as ours using the same cellulose filtering which is quite common in many wineries."