Orval Beer is Vegan Friendly

by Brasserie d'Orval
Address: B-6823 Villers-devant-Orval
Phone: [32]
Fax: [32]
Email: brasserie@orval.be
URL: http://www.orval.be/an/FS_an.html
Checked by: Dagda
Double checked by: Eric, François
Added: over 12 years ago
Double Checked: almost 6 years ago

Company email (September 2016)
"Je peux vous assurer que notre bière est bien « vegan ». Il n’y a aucun produit ou sous-produit d’origine animale. Nous ne faisons pas de collage, la filtration du moût se fait naturellement, sans additif. La clarification de la bière se fait pas centrifugation et par filtration sur cellulose (venant du blé). Les seuls ingrédients sont : malt d’orge, houblon, sucre, levure et eau."

[Google translate: "I can assure you that our beer is "vegan.". There are no product or by-product of animal origin. We're not sticking, the must filtration is done naturally, without additives. The clarification of beer is not centrifugation and by filtration through cellulose (from wheat.) The only ingredients are: barley malt, hops, sugar, yeast and water."

UPDATE: February 2010
Company email from Merchant du Vin
"http://www.merchantduvin.com/pages/1_about/organic_vegan_glutenfree_beer_notes.pdf document is currant and correct - other than those of Traquair, no animal products including honey are used in any of our beers."

This status comes via the importer Merchant du Vin, who says:
"All our beers [are vegan]. (Filtering is usually done at breweries with DE or synthetic media in a plate filter; fining is the process of clarifying beer by adding an ingredient - like egg whites, gelatin, or isinglass - that causes proteins and other haze to settle out in a conditioning vessel.)"