30 Mile Brewing Co Beers is Vegan Friendly

by 30 Mile Brewing Co
Address: 39 Ragged Rock Road Unit #5
Old Saybrook, Connecticut, 06475
URL: http://30milebrewingco.com/
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Added: over 6 years ago

Company email (March 2016)

"There aren't any animal ingredients in our products and there aren't any animal products used in the processing/filtration of the products. If we were to make an experimental beer with an animal ingredient such as honey, it would be noted on our website and any other locations where our beers are listed. Currently there are NO beers with such additions. Our beers are filled at our brewery in front of our customers. The beer is directly filled into our growlers (or the growler the customer provides for us) thus showing there is no different processing system used unsuitable for vegans."