Grey Goose Vodka is Vegan Friendly

Address: 12 Steward Street
London, E1 6FQ
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Company email (October 2020)

"Please be advised that our GREY GOOSE Vodka does not contain nuts and is produced in a nut free facility. Also, please be advised that Grey Goose does not contain any animal-by products or ingredients."

Company email (circa 2009)

"As per your request, please be advised that we do not use bone char during the production process. Instead, we exclusively use charcoals made from wood for all our spirits. In addition, please be advised that our GREY GOOSE Vodkas do not contain any animal-by products or ingredients. "

Company Email (circa 2009)
"The creation of Grey Goose vodka begins with 100% fine French wheat from the highly coveted Beauce region, the Bread Basket of France. This wheat – a most noble and pure grain source – adds the same richness and flavor to Grey Goose vodka that it brings to the finest French breads and pastries.

Spring water, originating in the Massif Central Mountains, the heart of France, flows into the Cognac Region.
It is naturally filtered through champagne limestone resulting in exceptionally sweet and pure water.

The pure grain spirit undergoes a five step distillation process. With each step, the true essence and character of the vodka is revealed.


Once the wheat has been ground into a fine flour, it is mixed with water and enzymes, which convert the starch content into fermentable sugars (hydrolysis)

At this stage, using a yeast bespoke to Grey Goose, the fermentation process begins. In order to obtain the same fermented wheat, we closely monitor the temperature of the fermentation throughout the whole process.

The temperature is maintained by circulating the product in a loop with cold water

Proprietary continuous 5-step distillation process

Focuses on maximizing and concentrating the flavor of the fine French wheat instead of stripping out impurities because we only use the very best natural ingredients

The temperature of each of the five columns is continually adjusted to enable reactions to be triggered at precise temperatures

The distillation is constantly monitored by measuring the temperature and pressure in the columns and the quality of the high proof spirit

Pure spring water is taken straight from the ground and blended with the spirit

The water travels over 400km from the Massif Central to Cognac

No need for filtration - naturally filtered through the Grande Champagne limestone

Gives it a softness and natural touch of sweetness

Under the supervision of the maître de chai, the high proof spirit is blended with the pure spring water until it reaches the perfect strength and optimal taste

Grey Goose uses the best at every stage of its production process from the quality of its ingredients to its bottling technology. From the sourcing of the wheat to the moment a bottle of Grey Goose leaves its home in Cognac, a total of 500 quality control checks are carried out"